St. Louis pastel artist Lisa Crisman's work is bold, vibrant, fun and exciting!  Don't let the term "pastel" fool you.  Pastels are chalk like sticks of pure pigment, which Crisman takes full advantage of in her bright and vivid paintings.
Crisman's award winning work has been acknowledged in numerous local and national juried fine art exhibitions.  Crisman's work has been described as "Van Gogh meets Munch", "Vivid and Expressive!" and  "a new and contemporary take on the landscape."
She grew up in an idyllic, small town, Bowling Green, Missouri.  Crisman, a third generation artist, states "Being creative has always been a vital part of my life.  I made my own paper dolls as a child and was constantly drawing, coloring and making things.  Being an artist is a passion and dream come true for me, it's in my blood."
You could say Crisman's work somewhat reflects her upbringing in picturesque and tranquil small town America.  Her paintings are inviting and dreamy, yet, they are also mystical and so vibrant as to be energetic and exciting.  Using a bold and unconventional palette is extremely important to Crisman and an indelible part of her art.
Crisman's training is comprised of independent and private study.  She has also studied with several acclaimed artists, including Richard McKinley, Jerry Brown and Albert Handell.  A St. Louis resident, Crisman is a member of Art St. Louis, Gateway Pastel Artists, The St. Louis Artists Guild and the Greater St. Louis Art Association.  She has been juried into hundreds of prestigious fine art exhibitions, and Crisman's paintings hang in businesses and private collections nationwide and overseas.  She is passionately devoted to painting her world vibrantly and boldly.  You can be   sure Crisman will also add a wealth of fun and excitement to her work.

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